TeleCont is a web browser based multi-user application for managing TeleControl units. The application is suitable for managing any number of units from just a few to several dozens of devices. Together with TeleControl units, TeleCont forms an easy-to-use package for cost-efficient remote controlling and monitoring.

The remote controlled locations are arranged in a tree-view for quick and easy browsing, and a new device can be added to the system with just a couple of mouse clicks. After adding the device to the system, commands can be sent to the corresponding field device, and TeleCont is capable of receiving alarm and measurement data from the field device.

TeleCont can also be used with other devices working with SMS messages besides TeleControl. The application features flexible message pattern matching mechanism for recognizing received SMS messages. The user can create new message patterns enabling communication with other remote control models without further software development.

It is possible to use TeleCont wireless over GPRS-connection. The user interface is designed so that the user experience does not suffer too much even in slower wireless connections.

Benefits and Features:



         Transfer of alarm messages to people on duty

         Access control system

         Collection of measurement data

         Heating, plumbing and air conditioning alarms

         Remote control of devices

         Management of devices working with SMS messages